Considering Dominican Republic Travel Deals

In considering Dominican Republic travel deals you will find the cheapest is not always the greatest choice. There are hot travel deals published on the Internet, TV, papers and traveling magazines and it can be daunting trying to work out precisely which deal is the best and meets your needs.

You will want to look into each of these travel deals out carefully and consider each option that is offered in order for you to get the better deal. The first step is to set a budget and then make up your mind what you really want in the deal and then comparison shop so you will get the deal you want.

Perhaps the smartest thing you can do to find one of the best Dominican Republic travel deals is to get an early start; it is considered never to early to start your vacation planning as it gives you extra time to research and choose the best discount travel deal. Whether you are making travel arrangements for a family vacation or a business trip there are some suggestions that may help you choose the best way to get there.

When going as a group you can get great deals to the Dominican Republic when buying bulk fares. The same would hold true if you plan on staying at one of the Dominican Republic villas or hotels, reserve and pay for the rooms at the same time as many resorts will offer up discounts or give group prices.

When traveling with little ones many lodgings in Dominican Republic will offer other creature comforts that are especially for children. It is not unusual to find activities and child care by professionally trained staff. Selecting accommodations off the beaten path will also tend to offer discounts because they by and large don’t have big budgets to advertise. Dominican Republic travel deals can be had with a little planning and by learning all you can about Dominica. That makes it less complicated to determine exactly what kind of accommodations that you may want.


Be Careful If Travel Deal Sounds Too Good to Be True

Most industry insiders wisely advise that if a bargain travel offer looks too good to be true, it probably is. If the deal is unbelievable, don’t believe it. That’s all you need to know to steer clear of what has become a continually growing, and disturbing, trend in the travel business – the travel scam.

It takes a variety of forms. One of the most widely known and advertised is the $30-49 Hawaiian vacation. Callers who responded to the ads were told that they would receive a voucher good for two round-trip air fares to Hawaii for their $48.00 (with postage and handling). All they had to do was stay seven nights in a hotel and book the stay – through the travel broker that placed the ads – 45 days in advance.

The actual cost of the trip was upward (often well upward) of $1.000.

While few who took the trips had any complaints, the total price they paid was not much different from the cost of any number of similar packages offered by a number of travel retailers. And in a period of deep-discount air fares – when some very inexpensive travel packages are available – it is often difficult to discern whether a travel bargain is really a bargain or simply a stroll down the garden path.

All travel scams appeal to the same human weakness: the desire to get something for nothing, or as near to nothing as possible. It may be a weekend in Cancun for the price of a bus ticket to Cincinnati. Or it may instead be your singular chance to throw some money down a rat hole and then sit around for months before discovering that fact.

And by the time you’ve discovered it, it’s probably too late to do much about it. Besides, the amount involved may not seem all that large; certainly not large enough to hire a lawyer and go after the perpetrators.

Some of the most prolific of those perpetrators are operating out of California, which is one reason that the office of the California attorney general has been very busy investigating consumer complaints and following up with lawsuits.

When the buyer makes a selection, he or she is often told that those dates are booked and to make other selections. This can go on for months until, in many cases, the buyer gives up. At that point, many disappointed buyers just eat their losses’ such consumer-protection matters from the attorney general’s office.

“It’s where you buy a certificate for a vacation, generally to Mexico, but sometimes to other resort areas,” experts say. “The certificates are sold by a couple of companies, usually through distributors around the country. They are way oversold and usually for an amount of money that makes it not financially feasible. The certificate usually gives the purchaser the option of picking a primary date to travel and two alternate dates – but only after a 45- to 60-day waiting period.

People would buy the certificates for $200 or $300, then were told to send (an additional) $200 to Resort Vacations, $150 of which was to be refunded after they took the trip.

While some certificate buyers took the trips offered and received the refunds, many were frustrated by the delays and “fully booked” dates, and sought help from authorities.

But even you call the Better Business Bureau, and they may have no complaints. So the company can seem on the up and up. They may offer testimonials that profess “It was too good a deal to pass up, and I can’t tell you how many people I told about it.”

So how do consumers avoid travel scams?

o Don’t be pressured on the phone. Get in writing exactly what the trip will cost, what the terms and conditions are and what dates are available.

o Don’t give out your credit-card number over the phone.

o Ask for references from people in your area who have traveled with the packager – not those who have merely bought the package, but those who have actually made the trip.

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Enjoy Your Vacation With Online Travel Deals

This article describes the benefits of availing the best travel deals online. Continue reading to get more information on travel packages and how they can help to make your vacation enjoyable.

Benefits of Tour Packages

Why does one travel or take vacations? Keeping aside professional and study trips, travelling is mostly done for relaxing and recreation, whether alone or with a group. That is why it does not make sense that you work yourself up in the process of finding the most economical flight, the appropriate accommodation, and finding the best places to eat and drink at your destination.

You should rather go for tour packages. All good travel agencies offer such deals that take care of all the necessary things from booking to dining. The internet has made the task easier as you can now avail the best travel deals without visiting an agency.

In the following paragraphs, you will learn how the internet helps you search for good travel packages and how you can avoid fraudulent companies.

Travel Websites

Many travel agencies have an official websites. However, there many websites that are not affiliated with travel companies, yet they provide information on airlines, major destinations, and tourism in general. Sometimes there are discussion forums on these sites as well, where you can find first hand reviews of tour packages.

Social Media

For regular updates, you can join pages of famous travel companies on social networking websites. You can even type in your questions and you will be answered almost immediately since these websites have an active presence.

Tours & Travel Newsletters and Magazines

Newsletters are an offline method of acquiring information, but printed information is usually considered authentic (unless you are visiting a reputable website). However, most magazines have their online editions as well so can get the same print information on your PC/tablet. This is yet another way of finding good travel packages.

Avoiding Fake Agents

Every service has fake counterparts, and there are a lot of fraudulent travel agents out there in the market and even online. However, you can detect authentic agents from fake ones as the latter have some observable traits.

Fake agents will usually provide offers that are too good be true, where the word “free” will be used frequently. These are just scams for luring customers into providing their credit card numbers that will ultimately be misused.

Finally, always consult an agent who is willing to provide documentation with all the charges clearly mentioned. Fake agents will always avoid this procedure.