Essential Camping Gear For Your Next Trip Outdoors

Before you head out on your next trip to the great outdoors you will need to check whether you have all the right camping gear to make the occasion a memorable one. Camping can be a wonderful experience and one that is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Whether you are heading into the wilderness or planning to pitch a tent at an organised camp ground, having the correct equipment would ensure you are ready for any eventuality and situation. Top of the list should be a tent. These are available in a dizzying array of shapes, designs, and sizes. Choose a tent that can accommodate the number of people who will be travelling on the trip.

There are one man tents available as well as two man, three man, four man, and even larger options. Think about the weather that would be experienced most of the time and then choose a tent that is up to the job. Also consider if there is enough space to store all your gear out of the elements.

Think carefully about the sleeping bag you choose. Not only should it be the right dimensions to sleep within comfortably, it needs to provide adequate protection against the cold, but do not choose a design that is meant for winter camping if you know all your trips will be in the warm summer months.

Though there is always the option of cooking on an open fire it is usually easier and somewhat safer to take a stove with you on your camping trip. The size of the stove would depend upon how many people you will need to cook for. If there are only two people then a portable butane burner should suffice. Remember to choose suitable utensils, pots, and pans, you can buy special outdoor cooking equipment that is easy to carry and clean.

Another essential item will be a first aid kit. You could put together your own first aid box or choose a ready made option from a specialist store. Which would be most suitable would depend upon your own requirements. If you have specific medication that needs to be carried then this is up to you to remember. As a basic rule a first aid kit should contain antiseptic, water purification tablets, bandages and plasters, antibiotics, bug spray, painkillers, and anti inflammatories.

It is surprising how many times people head off on a camping trip but forget to take with them a flashlight. When camping in the wild it is amazing just how dark it can get on a moonless night. Make sure you have an adequate flashlight as well as spare batteries. It would make sense to bring a light for each member of your group.