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Age and Adventure Racing

The longer an adventure race the more a couple of extra years becomes an advantage; meaning, if you are taking on a twelve hour or longer race a few gray hairs may be your secret weapon. At a certain point in adventure racing the muscle known as the brain becomes more important than any rippling muscles that may be found on the chest and legs of the young buck. Take for the example the multi-day expedition races, the average age of the top performers are between 35-45 years old.

There are several theories as to why the younger and typically stronger athletes don’t carry an advantage in these extreme physical events. Primarily it’s a little thing that comes with age; wisdom though experience.

Many younger adventure racers [http://www.wwadventurerace.com] fall into traps such as getting caught up in the excitement of the start of the race. The younger racer will often sprint to the front of the pack, wasting valuable energy, blowing his pacing and burning himself out prematurely. Experience will tell you when you need to rest, walk a little while or make some equipment changes. Two blisters later is not the time to decide that you should have changed socks at the last check-point.

The experienced individual moves along at a measured pace, doesn’t panic and makes sure that he or she is progressing at all times towards the ultimate goal of finishing. They will take the time to double check that they have properly plotted coordinates or are reading the map correctly before moving along. Many younger racers or teams fail to exercise the requisite patience for adventure racing and instead rush into self-destruction.

An adventure race will push the limits of an individual’s physical, mental and even emotional boundaries. Perhaps, these are boundaries that someone in their twenties hasn’t had challenged. When you’ve had to deal with the stresses of a job, raising kids, maintaining a home, or even a significant other, the extremes of an adventure race don’t seem that bad. Time is what the thirty, forty or fifty year old has on their side, and time has given them the maturity to handle what’s thrown at them and push on through.

A mature individual has experienced the highs and lows of life and knows that pain, exhaustion and this darn race will eventually end just like everything else. Don’t be shocked at the end of the day when that guy you thought was a cheering parent in outdated spandex finishes three hours ahead of you.

Activities You Can Enjoy On An Outdoor Adventure Vacation

Many people have very specific expectations for their vacations and if you are seeking adventure, you have a number of options. Some people prefer to lounge by a pool all day, but others want to experience thrills and fun during their time away from work and their regular lives. If you are planning an upcoming vacation and you want it packed with fun activities that are out of the norm for normal, mundane vacations, consider a few of these activities. For starters, any vacation can be spiced up with a boat trip. You may not need marine communications or marine helmets if you are a novice, but just renting a boat for an afternoon can provide you and your family with hours of fun. If you have never been on a boat before, consider taking a short lesson at the beginning of your vacation you can enjoy the days ahead without the stress or safety risks. Sailing and speed boating classes are held in more locations with large bodies of water.

If you prefer your adventure on dry land, consider some rock climbing. The good thing about rock climbing is that is can be learned and practiced indoors. Consider visiting an indoor rock climbing facility in order to learn the ropes, so when your vacation time rolls around, you can head out into the wilderness and understand exactly how the sport works. If you are new to the sport, bring along someone who is experienced to reduce the risk for injury or mishap.

Those who want to spend time outdoors but are not looking to accomplish any specific goal may just want to plan a camping trip. This gives you a chance to relax in the great outdoors, but it offers the thrill of sleeping under the stars. When nothing is separating you from the deep, dark forest, your nights can feel like quite an adventure. Plan to tell a few ghost stories around the campfire before heading off to bed in order to make it more fun.

During your camping vacation, or even if you are staying home or heading to another destination, you can plan to hike on your vacation. The great thing about hiking is you control all aspects of the trip including distance and time spent engaged in the activity. You can fit a hike into an otherwise busy vacation week and you can plan a hike regardless of your overall vacation destination. Even those headed to a luxury resort near a beach can plan on a hike or two while away.

Finally, consider a trendy outdoor activity that has existed since the dawn of man, but has only recently become a hobby for people. Foraging means searching for food in the wilderness and is popular in the remote areas of the country, as well as in parks right in the heart of many popular cities. It is surprising how much food grows in the wild and if you wanted to, you could eat for free for weeks, just foraging the land. If you think this might be fun, participate in a guided foraging trip in order to learn what can be safely eaten and what might be poisonous. This sort of activity requires a lot of training and a lot of research, but if you play it smart, it can be a great deal of fun.